Susan S. Novich


Visit to Schiffer Publishing

I took a road trip last week to Atlgen, Pennsylvania to visit Schiffer Publishing where I had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl W.,  editor of my board book, GOOD NIGHT! (slated for a Fall/Winter 2020 release). What fun to be met in the hallway by the horse, owl and this welcome sign!

Cheryl toured me around the facilities — a farm-like setting with a fantastic selection of outdoor sculptures interspersed  throughout the property. (Especially fun was the moment I realized the resting cows nestled into the landscape were actually…well, resting cows!) Then it was on to the conference rooms, marketing department, photography studio and followed by a walk to the storage warehouse, filled with stacks and stacks and stack and stacks of books (seriously — imagine an IKEA filled only with books) published by the company. I could have spent all day there, checking out the titles…