Susan S. Novich


Introducing Coco/a

Back to blogging. Must be the storm. Or perhaps being inspired by the (relatively) new puppy, Coco, aka, Cocoa, Cocoa Bean, and/or Coco Chenille — a little fiber artist joke, sorry — who is eight and one-half months old. Coco/a is similar in temperament and activity level to a three-year old child.

In anticipation of cabin fever setting in — both mine and the dog’s — I decided to take a walk this afternoon, before the storm was predicted to really kick in. Found the boots, the scarf, and the hat (ugh! definitely not a hat-head kind of girl). Put on an extra sweater, bringing the total number of clothing layers to four. Wrapped myself up in the very flattering puffer coat, mittens — you get the picture. A fashionista I am not. Next, it was on to the dog, which, in addition to the locating of and subsequent buckling on of the reflective leash and yank free neck harness, included dressing her. Yes, DRESSING her. Something I swore I would never do. However, the truth is this: the dog could be described as a rather delicate, (she tips the scales at eight pounds or so) flower. With the predicted high winds and anticipated close-to-record-breaking snowfall, I thought it would be the prudent thing to do. Clothe the dog, that is. So earlier this week, I cast personal integrity aside, went to the local Petco, and purchased not one, but two coats. In my defense, one had a hood, and the fabrics are quite different. Once home I tried each coat, multiple times, ultimately deciding on the black and grey number with faux sherpa lining and appropriate touches of reflective tape. We were ready!